Congressional Dems Blast Trump for Not Imposing New Sanctions on Russian Federation

Congressional Dems Blast Trump for Not Imposing New Sanctions on Russian Federation

Congressional Dems Blast Trump for Not Imposing New Sanctions on Russian Federation

The Trump administration, under fire from lawmakers for not punishing Moscow over election meddling, said Monday it will not implement Russia-related sanctions mandated by Congress past year because the threat itself is acting as a "deterrent".

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said on Tuesday: "There will be sanctions that come out of this (oligarch) report".

Forbes estimated Kantor's net worth at USA $3.8 billion, making him the 34th richest person in Russian Federation and the 630th richest person in the world.

Russian oligarchs have reportedly lost $1.1 billion after the U.S. Treasury Department released the highly anticipated "Kremlin List" in retaliation for alleged Russian election meddling.

The list includes people already subject to sanctions due to their close ties to Putin, such as Arkady Rotenberg, as well as those seen as distant from the Kremlin, such as banker Oleg Tinkov and grocery tycoon Sergey Galitsky. It also has vowed to retaliate, and even turned the allegation of election meddling against the United States by accusing it of interfering with Russia's presidential vote set for March.

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In mid-2018, the European Union will have to once again adopt a common position on sanctions against Russian Federation.

That the report was not released by OFAC, but by the Treasury Department, said Brian O'Toole, non-resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council and former senior adviser to the director of OFAC, is an important distinction.

"All I can say is Forbes is a bankrupt magazine, doesn't know what they're talking about", Trump said at the time, in an interview with Forbes. They insist this is proof he's "soft" of Russian Federation.

Putin called the release of the list an "unfriendly step" that he said would further complicate US-Russian ties as well as global relations in general.

Bill Browder, a British human rights activist, said: "Being in this list is a huge red flag for future USA sanctions". Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked Russia's Olympic athletes to forgive the authorities for failing to protect them from outside pressures.

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Echoing Slutsky's remarks, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council upper parliament house's Defense and Security Committee Franz Klintsevich said that the United States "have brutally violated all the principles of worldwide relations and made cooperation with Russia practically impossible".

The seven-page unclassified report also includes the names of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and energy giant Rosneft's chief executive Igor Sechin considered to be Russia's second most powerful man.

Several media outlets pointed out that the list resembled a part of Forbes' 2017 list of the World's Billionaires, with Forbes headline stating: "Treasury Department's Russia Oligarchs List Is Copied From Forbes".

"I think what [the report] shows is that people who worry about the election being hacked in 2018 ought to be anxious because this administration seems to have a bit of a blind spot", he said. That information, he acknowledged, could be in the classified version of the list.

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