Joss Whedon Sheepishly Exits Batgirl: "Is There a Sexier Word for 'Failed?'"

Joss Whedon Sheepishly Exits Batgirl:

Joss Whedon Sheepishly Exits Batgirl: "Is There a Sexier Word for 'Failed?'"

Following his stint at Marvel Studios, Whedon hopped over to the unofficially titled DC Extended Universe to oversee the infamous Justice League reshoots, in which he streamlined the story and added in several comedic scenes, which in turn earned him a screenwriting credit on the film.

Several outlets have reported today that with Whedon out, Warner interested in pursuing female creators for the film, with The Tracking Board noting that success stories like Wonder Woman and Black Panther have likely made it more hard for studios to use white men in films where representation will be a big part of the discussion around the movie. Here's hoping Warner Bros. and DC continue to pursue a "Batgirl" feature anyway (and maybe hire a female filmmaker this time around). Picture Group president Toby Emmerich.

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From a very early point of his career, Whedon was creating characters who pushed beyond the "strong female characters" trope to become fleshed-out individuals... who more often than not happened to be young white waifs with superpowers and a great deal of personal trauma.

This will be great news to some, and sad news to others, but after a big announcement past year, Joss Whedon has exited the Batgirl movie, according to the The Hollywood Reporter. Are you sad to see Whedon leave Batgirl or think it's for the best? Per THR, the man who brought us The Avengers to film is no longer involved in the project.

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Whedon's Batgirl was announced in March 2017.

Back in 2006, Whedon exited Wonder Woman under similar circumstances and his resulting script was blasted as "sexist, ' 'cringey, ' and 'terrible" when it leaked last May. This last has in particular worked on 300: Rise of an Empire, Godzilla and A Star Is Born, a movie with Bradley Cooper which will be released this year, as a producer.

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Interesting enough, Whedon stepped in to direct Justice League when Zack Snyder was sidelined due to a family tragedy.

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