Border wall protesters and supporters greet Trump in California

Border wall protesters and supporters greet Trump in California

Border wall protesters and supporters greet Trump in California

Other protests were planned later in Tijuana and San Diego to mark Trump's first presidential visit to California, where he examined eight nine-metre-tall prototypes built a year ago along the border in a bid to fulfil his signature campaign promise.

San Diego's Republican mayor criticized Trump's short visit, saying the president wouldn't get a full picture of the city.

"You see, in California we are focusing on bridges, not walls", Brown said in the letter, in which he also noted that past presidents have used their inaugural visits to the state to celebrate its diversity.

Trump addressed Marines and other service members at an air base in San Diego after visiting his border wall prototypes.

"We call on all organizations who stand against fascism, imperialism, capitalism, racism and all forms of hatred to join this action, " according to an event posting on Facebook.

"The president, making his first trip to California as president, appeared engaged as he was briefed on eight border wall designs". Such decision represented a victory for Trump, but it did not mean the construction would start immediately, because Congress still has to authorize or allocate funds to begin the project.

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The president will not be swayed by California Republican lawmakers concerned the wall is a waste of money, White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters Monday.

On the other side of the border, in Tijuana, Mexico, residents laughed off the idea the monolithic slabs will stop desperate immigrants.

San Diego's City Council previous year passed a resolution opposing Trump's proposed wall. Sessions said the laws, which restrict how local law enforcement can cooperate with federal immigration officials, are unconstitutional and undermine national security. The Trump administration is now battling with California about its refusal to help federal agents detain undocumented immigrants in the United States.

Dozens of pro- and anti-wall demonstrators gathered peacefully on opposite sides of a street leading to the prototypes, with a heavy police presence separating them.

President Donald Trump is paying a visit to the prototypes that have been built on the outskirts of San Diego for his promised border wall.

Trump has not yet received funding for the envisioned wall.

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Trump tweeted about California's immigration policies as he flew to the state aboard Air Force One. "And many of them were criminals with criminal records and very unsafe people ..."

On Monday, members of USA and Mexican agencies gathered at the Federal Police command centre near Tijuana's A.L. Rodriguez International Airport to make final arrangements.

Brown invited Trump to visit the Central Valley and see bridges and viaducts being built for a proposed north-south high-speed rail line. He travelled to Laredo - one of Texas' safest cities - weeks after declaring his candidacy in June 2015.

Jeff Schwilk, Founder of San Diegans for Secure Borders, told Breitbart News Tonight on Monday evening: "We know we had to come out and show support for President Trump, because we represent the majority, not these paid activists and radical freaks that run around doing their radical protests". I said maybe we'll need a new force.

The two sides were separated by a heavy presence of police officers in helmets and riot gear, but the rallies were peaceful.

"It's not good", said Mauricio Villegas, 37, glancing toward the fence and prototype walls as he passed through on his way to a job at a veterinary office. "It's something that he's going to continue to push for".

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Referencing his 2016 campaign showdown against Hillary Clinton - who received 4 million more votes than Trump in California - the president vowed that "very soon we're going to Mars" and the nation would not be seeking to explore the red planet had his opponent won.

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