Jets take back offer to DT Suh

Jets take back offer to DT Suh

Jets take back offer to DT Suh

The Jets, frankly, don't need the potential headache from Suh, who was a part of the Dolphins' culture cleansing a couple weeks ago.

It could, however, be a case of acting owner Christopher Johnson overruling a decision initially arrived at between Jets General Manager Mike Maccagnan and Coach Todd Bowles.

Ndamukong Suh spent the past three years with the Dolphins, after his first five came with the Lions.

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So, the fact that after just a few days the Jets are already rescinding their offer shows that there may have been a change of plans coming down from the top, something CEO Christopher Johnson confirmed.

"I don't normally talk about discussions with players and contracts", Maccagnan said. He has visited several teams, including the Jets, Tennessee Titans, New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams.

"Our thinking just changed a bit", Johnson said without elaborating. "That's where I have to leave it".

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Johnson was not originally involved when the offer to Suh was made. "And he's one of the best football players out there".

Johnson didn't want it to be characterized that he interceded, saying it was a joint decision with Maccagnan. They've been emphasizing youth during free agency, and Suh's age likely was a turnoff. He also canceled a visit with the Oakland Raiders. "This is about building something great long-term".

McVay said Suh's meeting with the Rams went "really well", though he didn't reveal any further details about what took place. The Jets traded up in the draft, from six to three, presumably to take a quarterback. The contract that we put on the table was a one-year contract....

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