Kansas lawmakers votes to restore tenure rights to teachers

Kansas lawmakers votes to restore tenure rights to teachers

Kansas lawmakers votes to restore tenure rights to teachers

HB 191 passed on a 6-4 vote with Senators Ralph Alvarado, R-Winchester, Reggie Thomas, D-Lexington, Danny Carroll, R-Paducah, and Julian Carroll, D-Frankfort, casting no votes.

Then, House members called a press conference to blast their counterparts in the state Senate for not going along with the plan. The bill, championed by many republican lawmakers, would cut cost of living adjustments for teachers from 1.5 percent to 1 percent. "We applaud the members of the Florida Legislature that courageously voted against their own political self-interest to do the right thing for the safety of our schools". As we've said before, introducing significant and in-depth legislation one day and passing it through the next simply shouldn't become the new standard for how our state leaders operate. "It affects every citizen in SC, and it's not about a bunch of press conferences right before the political season".

Other proponents said there's not enough time left in the session to complete the bill, which faces 23 amendments, debate, and votes in the Senate and House.

That bill would remove the 18 percent nuclear rate on SCE&G bills, while the Public Service Commission discusses the SCANA/Dominion Energy merger.

Actress's Oscar award stolen just after receiving
Police said the photographer followed Bryant and took the statue from him before Bryant was detained by security at the event. However the skilled actress was also in for a little shock when someone had just plain walked away with her golden statue.

The bill passed the Senate 35-12 and the House, 66-29.

The measure, House Bill 239, allows a physician to prescribe life-ending medication to a terminally ill, but mentally-capable patient with less than six months to live.

The House effectively killed the Senate's education funding proposal last Friday, which proposed cuts of at least $108 million over the next three years. The SCANA subsidiary has charged its customers $2 billion for the nuclear project already.

Gov. Rick Scott won't say if he'll sign the "Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act" not will he say if the House, debating it right now, should pass it.

Germany's Political Parties Have Finally Agreed On A New Government
In a tweet, they labeled the SPD's decision a "catastrophe" for Germany, promising fierce opposition to the government. The party is set to hold six ministries, including the important Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Finance.

"I am done listening to the House tell me how great they are". But they also don't want to pass a law that would not survive an inevitable court challenge from SCE&G. "There has been no hearing whatsoever on the House Ratepayer Protection Act". "What we want, what we demand is that the Senate simply do something".

"I think the key word is 'may.' The body determines whether that's the fact, not a junior attorney in his second year at LSO", Harshman said.

"As chairman of a committee, I'm having some thoughts about what I need to do next year with that committee and whether or not we're going to hear some bills". "I don't care about the gamesmanship all that much". "If I had the clout to really change this program, I would still be a "no" and I'd fight it out". "Well if they didn't believe the $58 million how did they go to four-four-four".

Marine Le Pen Placed Under Formal Investigation Over Tweets
On Thursday, French far right-wing leader Marine Le Pen was charged after she tweeted three pictures of ISIS executions in 2015. A few months ago, France's National Assembly stripped Le Pen of her parliamentary immunity in the case.

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