Members use tear gas to block vote in Kosovo parliament

Members use tear gas to block vote in Kosovo parliament

Members use tear gas to block vote in Kosovo parliament

MPs from Kosovo's opposition Movement for Self-Determination threw three tear gas canisters in parliament on Wednesday to try to stop a vote on a border demarcation agreement with Montenegro.

Analysts estimate the party has used tear gas in parliament more than 15 times, always over the issue of border demarcation.

Montenegro has already approved the deal.

But the small nation's Self-Determination Movement opposes the measure, arguing that Kosovo would relinquish too much territory in the agreement: an estimated 30 square miles (77 square kilometers).

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The Kosovo Assembly failed to proceed to a vote on February 28 after the government failed to stack up the necessary numbers.

The astonishing incident took place inside Kosovo's parliamentary building earlier today while politicians bickered over a border agreement with neighbouring Montenegro. The other was the joint statement of the presidents of Kosovo and Montenegro.

The 120-seat parliament was expected to ratify the 2015 deal, which was set as a precondition by the European Union for Kosovo's citizens to freely travel within its visa-free travel zone known as Schengen.

Parliament speaker Kadri Veseli said the session will continue when the situation in chamber returns to normal, according to a live video stream from the parliament. I would urge them to vote yes on the Border Demarcation Agreement.

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U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo Greg Delawie tweeted that "violence as a political tool has no place".

The EU and the United States remain the biggest supporters of Kosovo, politically and financially.

Thick smoke had filled parliament and MPs had to evacuate, an AFP correspondent said, but at the fifth time of asking the vote finally went ahead in the evening.

Kosovo, home to some 1.8 million people mostly ethnic Albanians, unilaterally proclaimed independence from Serbia in 2008 after a bitter war in 1998-1999.

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