NRA files lawsuit challenging new Florida gun law

NRA files lawsuit challenging new Florida gun law

NRA files lawsuit challenging new Florida gun law

Most tellingly, the new Florida gun statutes signed into law by Governor Scott on Friday allow staff and teachers at schools to carry guns as they perform their normal duties on campus, as long as school district authorities and local sheriff's departments agree. Scott is flanked by victims' parents Gena Hoyer, left, Ryan Petty, second from left, Andrew Pollack, right, and his son Hunter Pollack, second from right. "I want to thank President Negron, everybody in the senate for their hard work on that", said Scott.

"Females between the ages of 18 and 21 pose a relatively slight risk of perpetrating a school shooting such as the one that occurred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, or, for that matter, a violent crime of any kind".

Florida's new law makes it one of just three states, including IL and Hawaii, that set an age limit of 21 for rifle purchases. "Because they have fought against gun safety for so many years".

Tony Montalto, whose daughter Gina was killed in the shooting, read a statement from victims' families: "When it comes to preventing future acts of horrific school violence, this is the beginning of the journey".

"We have paid a awful price for this progress", Montalto said.

Despite the new provisions, the bill fell short on achieving the ban on assault-style weapons that was sought by survivors of the recent shooting at the Parkland high school.

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Shortly after Governor Rick Scott signed off on a three-day mandatory waiting period and minimum age requirement for all gun purchases of 21, Florida Republican Congressman Ron DeSantis took to Fox News.

The Parkland gunman "gave repeated warning signs that were ignored by federal and state officials".

At the time those denials were issued, longtime Supreme Court observer Lyle Denniston noted that "the Court is not, as yet, ready to stop lower courts from creating an entirely new group in society with less than full gun rights".

Legislative change on gun control is different at the state level. "You should be proud".

The increasingly unpopular NRA quickly moved to block the legislation, however, asking a judge to remove the ability of the state to enforce its own laws. "And that's healthy in our democracy", he said.

"Every child in Florida should have the opportunity to get a great education at the school of their choice so they can achieve their dreams", said Scott.

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The school district has declined to release nearly all school records, including incident reports and disciplinary files, citing student privacy exemptions.

"Obviously, this is what we've been fighting for". "It's a baby step but a huge step at the same time". Still, the legislation passed when enough lawmakers were able to put aside what they didn't like in the bill for the good they believe was contained in it. It also adds funding to school mental health programs.

"I still think law enforcement officers should be the ones to protect out schools", he said. Trump has also voiced support for increased school security, including the possibility of arming some teachers.

Scott said he plans to defend the law. The governor can not veto individual items in the bill itself, but he does have line-item veto power with the budget.

Several media organizations, including CNN and the Miami Herald, sued the Broward County Sheriff's Office for the release of the videos. In the brief hearing today, Nikolas Cruz stood with his head bowed as he appeared via video conference. Prosecutors have not announced a decision.

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