Uber Health wants to deliver you to the doctor

Uber Health wants to deliver you to the doctor

Uber Health wants to deliver you to the doctor

Health care providers, not patients, will be billed for the ride. Rutrick said taxis were more expensive and required advance planning to get a cab to drive an hour or two to pick someone up.

Called Uber Health, it will allow doctors and health services to arrange rides for patients; be it for quick checkups or for followup appointments. Companies like Collective Health (which recently announced a $110 million fundraise) are seeking ways to bring Uber Health into their offerings.

These features include, firstly, flexible ride scheduling for patients, caregivers and staffers. The providers cover the cost of the rides. If Uber Health doesn't train its drivers properly or include vehicles created to accommodate wheelchairs, walking aids, people with difficulties communicating verbally, and other aspects of disability, the platform will not serve a huge portion of the population who could benefit from it most.

Uber Health's primary goal seems to be the elimination of stress and worry that many patients feel when forced to manage appointments on their own.

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Cost of the rides will be charged to the medical service in question, and will apparently be comparable with the price of Ubers hailed regularly via the app.

The rides can be scheduled for patients through doctor's offices, by receptionists or other staffers.

Announced today, Uber Health aims to put a dent in the amount of doctor's appointments missed in the United States each year due to transportation issues, which Uber says amounts to a whopping 3.6 million.

"For many, their first ever Uber ride will be through Uber Health, so we're committed to providing the necessary education tools that ensure every patient feels comfortable and at ease during their journey", Weber said. It is working with Clearwater Compliance, a leading HIPAA compliance company, to conduct comprehensive risk and compliance assessments.

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Interestingly, Uber was already breaking into healthcare before this initiative.

It is an interesting idea which might make Uber a bit of money, but we can't see this having more than a very minor impact on the healthcare space. It has previously delivered flu shots, driven people to get tested for diabetes and for breast cancer screenings, and provided haze masks in Singapore. "That's good business for our customers".

"Right now this has been acutely focused on making sure that the operational side of this is strong and sound, and that the technology does what it's supposed to do". CareMore Health System found in a pilot study in 2016 that using Lyft was cheaper than other forms of transportation and patients spent less time waiting for a ride. That has been the number one driving force behind this.

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