Amazon Adds 'Alexa Announcements' Intercom Feature to Echo Devices

Amazon Adds 'Alexa Announcements' Intercom Feature to Echo Devices

Amazon Adds 'Alexa Announcements' Intercom Feature to Echo Devices

Alternatively, you can say "Alexa, tell everyone".

Recently we reported that Alexa can record your favorite shows for you and now it looks like Amazon can help you with your family announcements.

User can just say something like "Alexa, announce that dinner is ready", and "dinner is ready" to an Echo device, and the message will broadcast to all compatible Echo devices in your home. It's true Alexa doesn't work the same way it does on the Echo series but the company is making big changes. It has chosen speakers from Junlam & Narui and one smart lamp from Adition in a bid to inspire others to use their designs to quickly produce their own take on Alexa-powered lighting devices.

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If you want to exclude a specific device within your household, say, in the bedroom where your husband is sleeping, Amazon said you can use the Do Not Disturb setting. Unlike Groups, which just controls multiple bulbs, plugs and other devices in one go, Routines offers much finer control.

Where are Alexa Announcements available?

Amazon says the new feature is available starting today in the USA and Canada. It's also possible to set the tablet to respond less often whenever there is another Alexa device nearby - for example, an Amazon Echo.

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The Amazon Fire 7 (8GB) is now available for $49.99, which makes it the same price as an Echo Dot for roughly the same [Alexa] functionality. Third-party Alexa devices aren't included.

Yep. Google began offering this same functionality for its Google Home line of smart speakers this past November.

Already have an Amazon Fire tablet from 2017?

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