Michigan State sex-abuse victim says interim president offered $250K to settle

Michigan State sex-abuse victim says interim president offered $250K to settle

Michigan State sex-abuse victim says interim president offered $250K to settle

On Friday, after a week in which Michigan State officials revealed identifying information about a gang rape survivor, some of the more than 250 victims of former Michigan State doctor Larry Nassar's sexual abuse confronted the MSU Board of Trustees and Interim President John Engler at a packed board meeting on campus.

One of the biggest surprises during the meeting came during the public comment period, when one of Nassar's victims - Kaylee Lorincz - said Engler offered her a $250,000 settlement during an impromptu meeting on March 28 at MSU.

At a meeting Friday where Michigan State interim president John Engler said he regrets the way the school handled its response Wednesday to a recent sexual assault lawsuit, a different survivor of sexual assault publicly accused Engler of bullying her in a private meeting weeks ago.

"My interpretation of the discussion was not that he was saying, 'I'm offering you $250,000, '" Guerrant said.

"Since then, I have spoken to Rachael and asked her about that meeting, but it turns out that Rachael has never met with Mr. Engler and more specifically, never gave him a dollar amount".

So she followed up with Rachel, she says, who told her she had never met with Engler - and never gave a dollar amount. Carol Viventi, Vice President and Special Counsel to the President, was also in the meeting she said.

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Gymnast Kaylee Lorincz, standing with her coach, gives her victim impact statement during the seventh day of Larry Nassar's sentencing hearing on January 24, 2018, in Lansing, Michigan.

"I think there's a lot they could do right and they're choosing not to do right", said Gonczari, 37, of Detroit.

"It's not about money", Lorincz said.

During Friday's meeting, Engler and members of his administration provided the board with updates on efforts the university is taking in an attempt to rebuild trust in the wake of the Nassar scandal.

"He tried to convince them that I was doing backroom deals with him", Denhollander said. "We'll be working for an equitable settlement to allow all the survivors to move forward in their process of healing".

She said she made efforts to try to meet with him in the past months but was told he was not interested.

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"They responded and said it was just a meeting, to discuss things, and they (Engler and Viventi) weren't there as lawyers, just as university representatives", Manly said.

"I can tell you in California, where I'm licensed, you could lose your bar license for doing that", Manly said.

The atmosphere inside the board meeting quickly drew tension as Engler attempted to steer focus toward celebrating milestones of the university but was usurped by boos and jeers from a crowd clad in teal shirts with the phrase, "I stand with the sister survivors #MeTooMSU". My jaw dropped, and I said "just a slap on the butt?"

Strampel is facing multiple charges, including sexual harassing female medical students, having pornography on his work computer, and failing to properly enforce safety protocols and procedures when he worked as Nassar's boss, even after he told the university he would do so following a Title IX complaint against Nassar in 2014. "Larry did that to me too and look how that turned out'".

There have been several instances of MSU Board of Trustee meetings being interrupted by students and staff this year.

While they waited, Lorincz said they were met by the Vice President University spokesperson, who spoke with them for about half an hour until they were brought into the meeting with Engler. I then told him, murder is still murder no matter how you do it.

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"We need a change in who's sitting in front of us", one man shouted in reference to Engler and the board.

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