New Star Wars Battlefront 2 mode will let you play as Ewoks

New Star Wars Battlefront 2 mode will let you play as Ewoks

New Star Wars Battlefront 2 mode will let you play as Ewoks

To say things for Star Wars Battlefront 2 have been rough since its launch would be putting things lightly, with its controversial loot box progression system getting such negative feedback, the developers completely reworked progression.

Play as Ewoks and try to take the Tower Moon of Endor in the dead of night. One stage saw Stormtroopers battling against the giant monster-like creatures from Felucia, while another map saw Snowtroopers taking on Wampas on Hoth, another option featured Imperial troops versus Wookies, and, finally, there were Stormtroopers versus Ewoks. For each stormtrooper that falls, they will respawn as an enemy Ewok, meaning the chances of success dwindle as the mode goes on. They're one of the ways fans can unlock cosmetic Appearances in-game and they're bought with real-life money. Of course, the other team plays as the Empire, who are trying to survive surprise attacks until they can be extracted from the planet.

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Crafting Points can convert to Skill Points.

If you win a round, you'll now receive more Credits. We've also increased the stun duration from 0.5 to 0.9 seconds. Season 2 is coming in May, and though they didn't provide details, it's likely it will center on Solo, the Han Solo solo film. People seem to appreciate what we've done, players are coming back, and we're seeing stronger engagement numbers. There will be more than 50 skins added to the game, including some new looks tied to the Endor content. The features may not be as earth-shattering as March's Progression Update, but there's still plenty here to be excited about.

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After the Night on Endor update though EA are hoping to draw a line under the whole debacle, with all the new content after this being classified as "season two". Are you happy with these new changes with Battlefront 2's crystals?

Bring in the Ewoks! Sound off with all of your Star Wars thoughts in the comment section below and tell us all about it!

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