Re-elected thorn for the European Union: landslide victory for Hungary's Orban

Re-elected thorn for the European Union: landslide victory for Hungary's Orban

Re-elected thorn for the European Union: landslide victory for Hungary's Orban

Viktor Orban, Hungary's prime minister, third right, and Zsolt Semjen, Hungary's deputy prime minister, sing at the Fidesz party headquarters following results for the parliamentary elections in Budapest, Hungary, on Monday, April 9, 2018.

"I am depressed. I thought they would win by a majority, but the two thirds majority is surprising for me".

Hungary's relationship with the European Union will likely be strained furtherKalen believes that "Hungary's Parliamentary election results will likely provide robust validation for the nationalist, populist, and xenophobic ideology espoused by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán".

Brussels has repeatedly clashed with the premier over his hardline anti-immigration policies and rejection of the EU's refugee resettlement programme, as well as his moves to clamp down on civil society groups.

In the parliamentary elections in Hungary has won the ruling coalition
Hungary's re-elected right-wing PM Viktor Orban to crack-down on pro-refugee and migrants' rights organisations in his first move

The committee receives support from Soros's Open Society Foundations and is frequently identified by the government as one of the "foreign agents" supposedly working against Hungary's national interests.

Orban late Sunday celebrated what he called a "decisive victory".

While Orban's win was undeniable, the exact size of his margin of victory was not clear early Monday due in part to Hungary's complex electoral system, in which voters cast ballots for both an individual candidate in their region and another for a party list. He has no need to suppress the opposition or tamper with the votes because he does indeed appear to reflect the will of the people and their desire for national sovereignty and control of their borders.

Since his party's victory in 2014, moreover, Orban has become even more radical.

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"Hungary voted with its heart and its head, ignoring threats from Brussels and Soros's billions". Jobbik, a nationalist party that is now tacking to the centre, came second with 26 seats, and a Socialist-led coalition finished third, with 20.

Orban also said he would take unspecified "moral, political and legal" measures against his opponents after the vote, prompting fears of a crackdown on the opposition. "Because of this, there's no opposition and no alternative", he said.

"Jobbik used to lean to the right even more than Fidesz and they've lost all of their agenda because Orban's party used it as well". Supermajority secured if only by a single mandateHungary held parliamentary elections on Sunday, where the ruling party Fidesz, along with its junior ally, the Christian Democrats (KDNP), managed a resounding victory. He has also served as the PM of Hungary between 1998 and 2002.

Orban won re-election after campaigning on a platform that openly demonized migrants to Europe.

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"There is a big battle behind us", he said, speaking at the Fidesz campaign headquarters. "I think he's just going to push it further and he's not going to be scared off, perhaps, by the increasing tension between... other European countries and Hungary", the MP said.

In his speech, Orban thanked Jaroslaw Kaczynski, leader of Poland's governing PiS party, for his support, as Poland and Hungary see each other as key allies in their battles with European Union institutions.

Orban alleges that the opposition - collaborating with the United Nations, the European Union and wealthy philanthropist George Soros - wants to turn Hungary into an "immigrant country", flooding it with mostly Muslim migrants and threatening its security and Christian identity.

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