Video Game Titan Ubisoft Opens A New Studio In Winnipeg

Video Game Titan Ubisoft Opens A New Studio In Winnipeg

Video Game Titan Ubisoft Opens A New Studio In Winnipeg

Ubisoft already has a significant presence is Canada, with its Ubisoft Canadian Studios division made up of teams based in Montreal, Quebec City, Saguenay, Toronto and Halifax.

Ubisoft announced their plans for a new phase in the company's Canadian expansion, Ubisoft Winnipeg.

The Assassin's Creed creator intends to sink $35 million into the new outfit, and suggests the Winnipeg office will create 100 jobs in the province over the next five years. These are some of the Ubisoft franchises that video game players from all over the world have loved for years now.

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Far Cry 5's moose-whacking, bear-exploding, shovel-throwing brand of chaos has been a big hit with buyers-in its first week, it has sold more than double what Far Cry 4 sold in the same time period, Ubisoft has announced.

The developers, when employed, will study, create and refine "tools" and "technology" to enable teams to make new "open worlds" for players.

Last month, Ubisoft announced new studios in Mumbai, India and Odesa, Ukraine.

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Red River College offers several programs that go hand and hand with video game creation. "Our team facilitated meetings between Ubisoft and local industry stakeholders, helped navigate a smooth market entry for the company, and helped them become welcomed into Winnipeg's business community".

Even Managing Director of Ubisoft, Darryl Long, is excited about this new studio. Ubisoft Winnipeg will hire Engineers, Tool Programmers, Technical Artists, and other professionals in the same field in order to fully achieve their mandate. "This is a huge win for Winnipeg".

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