Android P's gesture navigation is bad, Google

Android P's gesture navigation is bad, Google

Android P's gesture navigation is bad, Google

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At its I/O 2018 event, .

The Google I/O 2018 conference has finally started with some big announcements from the tech giant. Using the same technology that made Holly's voice possible, WaveNet, Google is bringing 6 brand new voices to Google Assistant. Google CEO Sundar Pichar played back recordings of Google Assistant talking to humans, in a way that sounded incredibly natural.

That update was the first clear indication that Google wanted the app to become more interactive when being used.

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It will be interesting to see where Google Duplex goes from here. Over the last couple years, Chrome OS devices eventually gained the ability to run Android apps, but even with that feature, there are significant functionality gaps compared to traditional desktop operating systems. The move fully reflects the undeniable focus and effort that Google has in developing its computer vision, natural language, and neural network technologies.

It's genuinely impressive, and for somebody like me who hates having to call people on the electric telephone, this could be life-changing.

There's a bunch of other features coming to Android, like the system navigation that awfully resembles the iPhone X, or machine learning to help you save battery and make better photos. The update allows you to park your vehicle, open Google Maps, and tap on the blue location dot. If Google can help automate the most boring things we do every day, then that's more time we have to spend on other things. This simply silences your phone when you flip it over and place it face down on a table.

Google says Duplex is able to understand "complex sentences, fast speech, and long remarks" and so naturally converse and make an appointment, before sending the user a notification to confirm the booking.

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Newly announced at Google I/O, meanwhile, is the ADT-2 Android TV developer device.

Samsung is getting snubbed on some of these new features, at least for now.

A machine learning based Android P will come with an Adaptive Brightness feature where your smartphone will learn how often you change your screen brightness based on your surroundings.

There is also a new notification digest. This means outside developers can embed Google Assistant controls directly into their products. The new version of Android is quite different from its predecessors and has been dubbed to be the most ambitious update ever. Google Lens will also gain a handful of new features soon, such as style match, smart text selection, and real-time results.

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If you thought that predicting flight delays was a neat trick, just wait and see what Google's AI has in store for you next.

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