Donald Trump claims London is a 'war zone' due to knife crime

Donald Trump claims London is a 'war zone' due to knife crime

Donald Trump claims London is a 'war zone' due to knife crime

Donald Trump has claimed knife crime in Britain is so bad that hospitals in London are like a "war zone for stabbing wounds".

President Donald Trump told the NRA convention on Friday that knife crime in London has gotten so bar, one hospital was like "war zone."

"Yes, that's right they don't have guns, they have knives - and instead blood is all over the floors of this hospital". But the BBC reported that a trauma surgeon at the Royal London Hospital recently told the network that his fellow doctors have compared it to an Afghan war zone. The Daily Mail summarised his comments in an article.

Dr. Martin Griffiths, a lead trauma surgeon at the Royal London Hospital, said that he would be "happy to invite Mr. Trump" to visit his hospital and subsequently discuss a reduction of violent crime in the city with London's mayor and police chief.

In the United States, more than 4600 people have been killed due to guns in 2018, including 196 children, according to the Gun Violence Archive. "Gunshot wounds are at least twice as lethal as knife injuries and more hard to fix".

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Mr Trump is due to visit London on July 13 after cancelling his February visit. "London hasn't been used to that, they're getting used to it".

Trump didn't mention a specific hospital, but a surgeon at Royal London Hospital did say something very similar.

In it, he suggested the 2015 attacks on Paris could have been stopped by giving people guns.

France on Saturday condemned remarks by US President Donald Trump about the 2015 attacks in Paris and called on him to show respect for the victims of the worst bloodshed on French soil since World War II.

Last year, Trump criticised London Mayor Sadiq Khan, hours after a deadly terrorist attack, based on a misinterpretation of an outdated tweet.

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"Knife crime over the a year ago rose at a similar rate in London (23%) as it did across the whole of England and Wales (21%)", he wrote in a Facebook post in April.

The US ambassador to Britain, Woody Johnson, said Mr Trump would "definitely" be coming to London, despite the warnings of likely demonstrations.

The Home Office has not responded to the comments. For example, he and London Mayor Sadiq Khan has always been at odds, especially over Trump's re-tweeting of anti-Muslim propaganda from a British extremist group.

Of course that's not true but that did not stop the US President from telling a pro-gun rally that it was.

Mr Trump threw his full weight behind the NRA last night after briefly straying from the lobby group's stance against gun control in the wake of the Parkland school shooting. But he later said there was "not much political support".

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