GDPR emails are increasingly desperate and everyone's responding with memes

GDPR emails are increasingly desperate and everyone's responding with memes

GDPR emails are increasingly desperate and everyone's responding with memes

"If you are generally good with data protection, you are probably going to be alright with GDPR ... my concern is the companies that have never even thought about this and now are scrambling", said Richard Merrygold, data protection expert.

They can also request to have their data deleted or corrected, and will be able to download their data and take it elsewhere, such as from one music streaming service to another. "While some respondents will affirmatively respond and provide consent, there are plenty of individuals who are saying no, with another sizable percentage of individuals not responding at all", according to Tantleff.

In terms of what Instapaper does with users' data, its privacy policy claims it does not share the information "with outside parties except to the extent necessary to accomplish Instapaper's functionality".

Apple, for example, has rolled out new tools to European customers to make it easier for them to download the data the company holds about them and the devices they use.

Google, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have been hit with privacy complaints within hours of GDPR taking effect Friday. The reason you're getting all the emails is that most companies have no way of telling who's an European Union resident and who isn't.

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The company should explain to you the nature of the personal data breach and who to contact.

Earlier this month, a survey by Reuters revealed that some regulators might be unprepared themselves, with 17 of the 24 authorities responding noting that they either lacked adequate funding or powers to properly enforce the new law. The rules also have huge implications for social-media companies like Facebook, which has asked people to update their privacy settings.

Users in Europe with internet-operated lightbulbs from Chinese technology company Yeelight were unable to switch their lights on and off with their mobile phones.

USA Today says its site does not collect "personally identifiable information or persistent identifiers from, deliver a personalized experience to, or otherwise track or monitor persons reasonably identified as visiting our site from the European Union". Breaches of some provisions of the new rules can result in fines of up to €20 million or 4 percent of a business' total worldwide turnover for the previous year. That's an incentive for companies to take these rules seriously.

Note that the rules are different depending on the data in question.

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GDPR's impact isn't only being felt in Europe: some companies feel obliged to offer the same level of privacy protection to customers beyond the EU.

Some companies are extending at least some EU-style protections to all users.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, for instance, promised "global settings and controls" for users during his USA congressional testimony in April, but was otherwise vague on the subject. "It might seem like a smart move, but in some cases, it's more work", said Larry Ponemon, founder of the privacy research firm Ponemon Institute.

Another part of the plan to tackle the more gray areas of misinformation is Facebook's public education campaign that aims to get users involved in identifying content that is misleading.

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