Governor Reynolds Awaits Copy of Fetal Heartbeat Abortion Bill

Governor Reynolds Awaits Copy of Fetal Heartbeat Abortion Bill

Governor Reynolds Awaits Copy of Fetal Heartbeat Abortion Bill

During my time serving you, we have made many advancements in the fight for life, such as making sure a mother is fully informed of the alternative options to abortion, redirecting healthcare dollars to holistic women's health centers instead of abortion providers, requiring an ultrasound be offered to a mother so she can see her baby before making a decision to terminate her pregnancy, and just a year ago, the Legislature passed a 20-week abortion ban with a three-day waiting period.

Congressman Steve King of Iowa, a conservative Republican who sits on the powerful Judiciary Committee in the US House of Representatives, praised Iowa's so-called "heartbeat" ban, describing it as "the most consequential legislation in Iowa history" that could "set the stage" to challenge abortion nationally.

Republican lawmakers with control of the Iowa statehouse fast-tracked a bill early Wednesday that would ban most abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected, usually around six weeks of pregnancy, sending what could be the nation's most restrictive abortion legislation to the governor.

Critics have argued it will make having an abortion illegal before most women even realise they are pregnant. The bill now goes to Republican Governor Kim Reynolds, an abortion opponent, who has not said publicly whether she will sign it into law. In Iowa, the same Republican-majority Legislature passed a 20-week abortion ban a year ago.

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What new restrictions have been approved?

Planned Parenthood, the country's largest abortion provider, is vehemently opposed to the conservative legisalation. A woman would have to report a rape within 45 days to law enforcement or a physician, and incest would need to be reported within 140 days.

She called it immoral to stop a beating heart and "sickening to sell fetal body parts", which also is outlawed in SF 359. "As a 66-year-old woman, I feel very strongly that women have a right to their own body decisions", she said.

Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, said the heartbeat bill will "undoubtedly be challenged by the courts like other unconstitutional abortion bans before it".

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Although Reynolds has not yet said if she will sign the bill, she is known for holding pro-life positions. In recent years, challenges to Roe have become more brazen, with states passing 20-week, 15-week and 11-week abortion bans, many of which have faced trouble in court for violating the right protected by Roe.

Democrats in Iowa have criticised the "political" barriers to receiving abortions. A woman can be unaware she is pregnant at that point.

Pro-life groups, however, see the bill as a major step for the cause of life.

No, in fact some Republican lawmakers welcomed the challenge.

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A string of USA states have enacted abortion bans or stringent restrictions over recent decades only to have them overturned by the courts, prompting some conservatives to take aim at the landmark ruling.

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