Nintendo Is Hiring A Level Designer for The Legend of Zelda series

Nintendo Is Hiring A Level Designer for The Legend of Zelda series

Nintendo Is Hiring A Level Designer for The Legend of Zelda series

Nintendo is searching for a seasoned level designer to the Legend of Zelda series for dungeon production and enemy preparation. Rather than enter a clearly marked dungeon and complete it in a linear fashion, the game relied on smaller passages and the puzzle-based "shrines" scattered throughout the world. Hopefully that game feature is not a part of the Zelda series going forward in the future.

Sure, it kinda of breaks the whole point of Breath of the Wild, but there's something awesome about seeing Princess Zelda pull out the Master Sword to fight every single boss in the game. Nintendo has posted a job listing in Japan, looking for a level designer for The Legend of Zelda series.

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The job record is in Japanese, but from we a rough translation we have discerned that Nintendo that the flawless candidate has "expertise in creating customer games as a match planner". This is great news as this means Nintendo is already thinking about releasing more games from the famous franchise. You've just gotta admire them for that, particularly when they mod characters like Mario and Knuckles into the game, because who doesn't want to see Mario pull out the Master Sword?

The last top-down Zelda game, the 3DS-exclusive multiplayer title The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, didn't receive the best reviews.

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Do you agree that Zelda games need more traditional dungeons? Let us know about your opinions in the comments below.

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