Russian Federation urges Iran, Israel to show restraint

Russian Federation urges Iran, Israel to show restraint

Russian Federation urges Iran, Israel to show restraint

For Iran's part, the growing convergence between the Arab monarchies, Israel, and the USA - and the rise of American officials with visceral hostility to Tehran - increases the importance of preserving leverage against these adversaries not only in Syria and Lebanon, but also in Iraq, Yemen and elsewhere.

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Friday urged Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to expel Iranian forces from his country, after Israeli air strikes hit alleged Iranian targets in Syria, reports AFP.

Israel's main concern is southern Syria, near the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights, where Tehran has been boosting its presence for years and where it could launch rocket attacks into Israeli territory.

Israeli fighter jets struck a Syrian army position south of Damascus, a pro-Assad commander said.

Defence sources here said that Israeli operation targeted weapons storage, logistics sites and intelligence centres used by elite Iranian forces in Syria.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel condemned the overnight attacks by Iranian forces and called on Iran to contribute to de-escalation of tensions in the region.

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Israel said it attacked Iranian intelligence facilities and logistics compounds, a military base and other posts, as well as munition storage warehouses of the Quds forces at Damascus global airport.

The IDF said about 20 rockets were shot down by the Israeli Iron Dome air defense system or fell short of the Golan targets in the Iranian attack, while reporting no injuries.

Iran says it is ready to restart its nuclear program on an "industrial scale" in the wake of the decision by US President Donald Trump to abandon the deal that curbs the country's nuclear ambitions.

There has been tension between the two Middle Eastern countries for quite some time, and at this point, Israel has appeared to hit a breaking point because of its perception that Iran has too much influence in the region. What is Moscow's stance?

Russia, generally friendly to Israel but fighting in Syria's civil war on the same side as Iran, called on both to show restraint and resolve differences through diplomatic means. The two leaders reportedly spent 10 hours together.

An Israeli airstrike on Iranian military installations in Syria left 23 people dead, according to a watchdog group. A bigger war in Syria would require a bigger military spend from him - something that would further strain his own stretched economy.

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Israel has long warned it will not accept Iran entrenching itself militarily in Syria.

Can Europe do any more than wring its hands?

If America's withdrawal from the nuclear deal provokes Iran to expand its nuclear program once more, the risk of Israeli or American attacks on Iran's nuclear facilities will start growing, as it did between 2011 and 2013.

She added however that it is "crucial that there is no further escalation". They see ominous signs.

It is not known if any of the foreign nationals killed were Iranian. Zarif accused the USA and its allies of fomenting unrest in the Middle East, "turning our region into a powder keg through their sale of hundreds of billions of dollars of useless advanced weaponry". "Other powers... haven't kept their word", President Macron said.

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