France, Germany agree to set up eurozone budget: Merkel

France, Germany agree to set up eurozone budget: Merkel

France, Germany agree to set up eurozone budget: Merkel

He wants to turn away at the border new arrivals who have previously been registered in another European Union country - often their first port of call, Italy or Greece.

Last week, during a visit to Berlin, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced a new "axis of the willing against illegal migration", which he said would feature Germany, Italy and his own country. Merkel isn't against a stricter border regime, but wants this to be part of a European agreement, which she hopes to achieve at an EU summit at the end of this month.

"We are opening a new chapter", she said.

Over the past week, a conflict between Interior Minister Horst Seehofer and Merkel over migrant policy has escalated into a threat to her government.

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There are also migrant camps in Libya run by the Tripoli government where the European Union pays the United Nations agencies for migration (IOM) and refugees (UNHCR) to help resettle people to Europe legally or return them home further south in Africa, rather than have them try to reach Europe.

If he actually does so unilaterally in defiance of the chancellor, many observers believe Merkel would likely have to fire him - which in turn could effectively end her current governing coalition and the conservative parties' decades-old alliance in national politics.

"We do not really have a handle on this whole issue of migration", Seehofer told reporters in Munich as Merkel spoke in Berlin.

The leaders of Germany and France have announced plans on Tuesday to strengthen the European Union's (EU) capabilities in addressing worldwide security challenges and the refugee crisis, APA reports quoting Anadolu Agency.

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According to the newspaper, Seehofer intends to give Merkel two weeks on the solution of common European problem of the issue of refugees. His party holds a leadership meeting Monday which could authorize Seehofer to push through his demand.

Seehofer's "masterplan" on immigration was meant to be the showpiece of the CSU's tough stance against new arrivals.

NELSON: The interior minister and his party, which is facing a major challenge from far-right populists in upcoming regional elections, say they will unilaterally prevent migrants from crossing Bavaria's worldwide borders if Berlin doesn't act. Its president, Donald Tusk, is interviewed this week with a good number of European leaders (including Merkel, Italian Giuseppe Conte and Spanish Pedro Sanchez) to get an idea of what can be achieved next week. He said, if Merkel's negotiations on getting other countries to take back migrants don't bear fruit, he will talk with her party but "I want be able to put this into effect".

Merkel must now attempt to build a solution with European Union partners by the beginning of July. More than 1 million migrants came to Germany in 2015 and 2016, though numbers have since dropped sharply.

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The EU border agency Frontex said more than 90 percent of those arriving in Italy, Greece and Spain register for asylum there.

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