President Trump orders Pentagon to create a ‘separate but equal’ Space Force

President Trump orders Pentagon to create a ‘separate but equal’ Space Force

President Trump orders Pentagon to create a ‘separate but equal’ Space Force

But his directive will task the Defence Department to begin the process of establishing the "Space Force" as the sixth branch of the USA armed forces. "That's a big step", he said in the White House East Room during a meeting of his National Space Council Monday.

At one point, Trump said the "Space Force" would be "separate but equal" to the Air Force, a phrase harkening back to America's racist past.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford would manage the creation of "space force". "But on the other hand they can sometimes help make sure space gets the kind of priority it should have, like cyber, as a domain of warfare". But the directive seemed to take defense officials by surprise.

However, the treaty also says that the Moon and other celestial bodies are only available for peaceful exploration and use. Neither of those proposals, however, is quite the same as the creation of a standalone Space Force military service, an idea Trump first proposed in March.

Of course, some in Congress, notably Rep. Mike Rogers, head of the HASC strategic forces subcommittee, and his ranking member, Rep. Jim Cooper, have pressed hard for a space force, arguing the Air Force's pilot-dominated culture pays insufficient attention space, to our peril. That report isn't due out until August. It's not clear if the president's comments Monday were meant to override or influence that study. The Air Force now has a Space Command division that oversees space-based military operations.

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President Trump on Monday threw a wrench into the Pentagon's carefully laid out plans to analyze how best to reorganize the military's space forces. Contrary to popular sentiments being expressed on social media, President Trump's announcement of this new branch is far from an effort to militarize space.

A US defense official said the Pentagon would work with Congress to implement the order. In October, he penned a letter to lawmakers advising it was not the optimal time to create a new military service.

In 1967, the United States signed the Outer Space Treaty, along with China and Russian Federation.

Making America great again wasn't good enough for Donald Trump.

He also vowed to return the United States to the moon and to reach Mars.

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Mr. Trump called out China and Russian Federation as rivals and vowed to beat them, saying: "We don't want China and Russian Federation and other countries leading us..."

He added, "The essence of the American character is to explore new horizons and to tame new frontiers".

Dubbed a "space traffic management policy", the new directive is created to handle the growing amount of debris in orbit around the Earth. It sets up new guidelines for satellite design and operation to avoid collisions and spacecraft breakups.

Twitter users also had problems with the idea. "If you beat us to Mars, we'll be very happy and you'll be very famous", he said.

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