Priest filmed slapping child during baptism

Priest filmed slapping child during baptism

Priest filmed slapping child during baptism

In a 43-second YouTube video originally shared to Reddit, a toddler being held by what appears to be his mother begins crying as a French speaking priest attempts to baptize him.

Things escalate when the child becomes increasingly distraught - prompting the priest to tell the crying toddler to "Calm down, calm down" repeatedly before slapping the child on the face.

The woman can be heard saying something to the priest before the man has to physically remove the baby from the priest's arms.

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The footage depicts what looks like a standard christening with the priest trying to perform the religious ceremony on a crying baby.

It is still unclear where the video was filmed.

Meanwhile, previously reported that a Catholic priest, Reverend Father Lucien Ambunga, who was inflicted with the deadly Ebola virus, survived it.

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Amid gasps from the congregation, the priest is then seen pulling the child closer and putting his hand over his mouth in a possible effort to stifle his cries.

She then tries to take the child back, but the priest appears to hold the child tighter, with the mum telling him to "Let go, no, no, let go".

Eventually, the priest grabs the baby by the chin and delivers a firm slap across the baby's face. I will spill water on the forehead, hmm? I will scream louder than you. Added another: "A priest slaps my baby and I'm putting him on the cross".

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Many people online have been outraged by the priest's behaviour.

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