Trump Declares Primaries Delivered 'Great Night' for GOP

Trump Declares Primaries Delivered 'Great Night' for GOP

Trump Declares Primaries Delivered 'Great Night' for GOP

National Democrats have spent more than $7 million trying to curb and fix the damage inflicted by Democrats attacking each other in districts opened by retiring Republican Reps.

Tim Gannon, a farmer who worked for Tom Vilsack when he was governor and USA secretary of agriculture, is the sole Democratic candidate.

Now, she faces a primary challenge from Rich Hobson - who managed Roy Moore's controversial and failed Senate campaign last fall - and her predecessor, former Democratic Rep. Bobby Bright, who's now running as a Republican and Trump loyalist. Who makes it through will likely take some time to figure out.

The victor of the primary will then face incumbent Republican Rep. Rob Wittman of Montross, who is running unopposed, in the November 6 election.

LOS ANGELES-John Cox, a Republican business owner who has tried and failed for almost two decades to win elected office, snagged a spot in the November runoff for California governor with the help of U.S. President Donald Trump, but that support could hurt him in the winner-take-all race with Democrat Gavin Newsom.

California tops a list of eight states with primary contests Tuesday from Montana to MS and New Mexico to New Jersey. And it was a big night for women, as female candidates for governor advanced. The elections in California, Iowa, New Jersey, Montana, New Mexico, Mississippi and Alabama will shape the midterm battles that will redefine politics in the USA in the next few months.

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey fended off three GOP challengers, while South Dakota Rep. Kristi Noem became the first female nominee for governor in her state.

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And in New Mexico, Democrat Deb Haaland's win puts her on track to become the nation's first Native American congresswoman. Feinstein has responded to the challenge by tacking to the left, and leads de Leon in most polls.

Haaland said in her primary victory statement, "Donald Trump and the billionaire class should consider this victory a warning shot: the blue wave is coming". In fact, he hasn't been a Republican all that long. Bob Menendez, a Democrat who faced federal bribery charges a year ago. That made Rosendale the establishment preference.

Cox is a California venture capitalist endorsed by President Trump who is most widely known for unsuccessfully running against Barack Obama for his Illinois Senate seat in 2003. But this race will be among Republicans' top targets in November. Second place is far less certain. Here, all eyes are on Pete D'Alessandro, a former Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign staffer who received the support of his former boss. He backed his former aide in January, traveled to Des Moines for a rally in February and wielded the power of his sizeable email list to raise money for D'Alessandro.

"You have women who have been doing the work and have a political resume to show for it", Dittmar said.

If Roby were to lose the runoff, she would be the second House Republican defeated in a 2018 primary.

In May, North Carolina Rep. Robert Pittenger became the first incumbent of 2018 to lose a primary.

In Walters' district, the second spot on the November ballot remained up for grabs in a race featuring several Democrats, including lawyers Dave Min and Katie Porter. In GOP Rep. Leonard Lance's district, former assistant secretary of state Tom Malinowski held off a progressive opponent. The district is one of seven held by the GOP that Hillary Clinton won in the state.

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And in retiring GOP Rep.

Prior to now, the state's governors - like Jerry Brown or Ronald Reagan - capitalized on the built-in nationwide profile that comes with the job and large government duties and have been capable of place themselves to run for president. In the Senate race, incumbent Sen. (The trial resulted in a hung jury, and the corruption charges were dismissed earlier this year.) The answer is: possibly yes.

Democrats need to gain 23 districts nationally to take the gavel in the House, and a key part of that strategy is expanding their 39-14 advantage in the home state of Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi.

A Republican within the basic election would all however assure the competing Democrat will change into the subsequent governor.

It was a different story in MS, where 66-year-old Gladys Cruz wasn't sure which Republican she would support in the state's Senate primary, but she wanted whoever won to firmly support Trump. That number represents a 67 percent jump from 2016.

There was less Democratic talk of a November "blue wave" on Wednesday.

But there are also statewide implications at play, too.

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According to an a poll conducted last month by The Los Angeles Times and the University of Southern California, a slight majority of registered voters in California support repealing the tax, which will be on the ballot in November.

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