Mexican president-elect reaches out to Trump, seeks NAFTA deal

Mexican president-elect reaches out to Trump, seeks NAFTA deal

Mexican president-elect reaches out to Trump, seeks NAFTA deal

"There is much to be done that will benefit both the United States and Mexico!". He aptly cashed in on the Mexican public's anger towards Trump, who throughout the Mexican election campaign season continued to criticise Mexico's immigration policies, insist that Mexico should pay for the border wall, and fuel anti-Mexican and anti-immigrant rhetoric in the US.

Much remains to be determined about how Lopez Obrador's often nebulous campaign proposals will manifest themselves in government.

"We are going to change this rotten, corrupt regime of injustices and privileges, and we are going to promote development".

Underscoring the binational trends is the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, which ushered in a dramatic economic transformation that fueled a shift in goods, products and movement of people between Mexico and the U.S. For instance, supply chains and cultural integration deepened in Dallas as Mexico-based companies moved into North Texas along with their products - from tortillas to pasta to Topo Chico.

The peso fell early Monday after Mexico handed Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador the presidency in a landslide victory, shifting the country's government away from establishment politics and to the left for the first time in decades.

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An official quick-count revealed that Lopez Obrador took the lead with 53-53.8% of votes, according to the electoral authority.

Lopez Obrador won't be sworn-in until December 1, when incumbent President Enrique Peña Nieto, from the Institutional Revolutionary Party, leaves office. In his first loss - by a mere 0.56 percent to conservative Felipe Calderon in 2006 - his supporters held months-long protests in Mexico City and he referred to himself as "the legitimate president".

Having lost twice before, the former Mexico City mayor, known by his initials Amlo, crushed his rivals and promised "profound change is coming".

In the end, Lopez Obrador's rants against the "mafia of power" rang most authentic. He said he will govern for the poor and fight rampant corruption, and also pulled back from promises to completely scrap energy and education reforms instituted by the Pena Nieto administration.

Rating agency Moody's said on Monday that Lopez Obrador's election would result in short-term market volatility and represented risks for the oil sector.

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Speaking late on Sunday night as results trickled in, he vowed to tackle corruption, get a handle on Mexico's violent war on drugs and focus on poverty and inequality.

Lopez Obrador, the former mayor of Mexico City, won 53 percent of the vote on Sunday, the largest margin for a presidential election since the early 1980s, giving him a strong mandate to make deep changes to policy at home and overseas.

But Mexican attitudes towards the USA changed significantly in the 1990s. Both Republican and Democratic opposition is mounting to President Trump's potential nominee.

Official statistics show that more than 25,000 people were murdered in Mexico previous year alone. He also proposed Mexican consulates in the United States provide legal help to Mexican immigrants.

"Now that he has won, he can not fail this new generation that believes in him", said Mariano Bartolini, a 29-year-old lawyer who voted for Lopez Obrador in the northwestern city of Rosarito, near Tijuana.

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But the main question in the new era of AMLO and his party, Morena, will be whether Mexico-U.S. border security and anti-narcotics cooperation will maintain the close cooperation established over the past 12 years.

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