Trump plans to meet with Putin one-on-one, without aides

Trump plans to meet with Putin one-on-one, without aides

Trump plans to meet with Putin one-on-one, without aides

The summint in Helsinki will be the first full-fledged meeting of the two leaders since Trump's taking office in January 2017.

Trump's decision to hit Germany, France and other top European exporters with steel and aluminium tariffs has done nothing to reverse his low popularity on the continent, and on Thursday he returned to another contentious topic-allied defense spending.

President Donald Trump has declared that his incessant jibes at US allies to spend more on defense has made NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg "Trump's biggest fan", while Russian Federation must regret ever liking the ex-Apprentice host. "The US is not going to take care of everything", Trump said at a campaign rally in Montana last night. "And you need to make sure that we're willing, on our side, to hold Russian Federation responsible for the many activities that they are responsible for, whether that is election meddling; malign activities throughout Europe, including the Balkans, U.K. and Brexit, France, and Italy, just to mention a few; and to hold them responsible for" the destabilizing use of social media. "This doesn't mean that we should encourage the spread of extremist or other outlawed material, however, we need to protect the citizens from cases that aren't even farcical, but quite high-profile", he stressed. They make it impossible to do business in Europe, and yet they come in and they sell their Mercedes and their BMWs to us. "Certainly, we do not want this to be a protectionist vehicle for European Union", the United States envoy to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison told the press in February, warning that initiatives like PESCO can potentially "splinter the strong security alliance that we have".

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Separately, U.S. Representative to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison told reporters Thursday that the alliance is moving forward together, and "everyone has the same goal, and that is a strong deterrent and an alliance that is unified" against threats like Russian Federation and China.

Trump and Putin will likely also discuss two arms control pacts - the INF Treaty and the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START), Huntsman said, declining to address whether they might strike a deal on either pact, which are planks of U.S.

"A change in atmosphere can change a whole lot else", the official said. "But it's not enough". Do they ever tell you that? No. No.

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"The overall theme of this summit is going to be NATO's strength and unity", Hutchison said.

Just last week, he trumpeted a Putin talking point, tweeting: "Russia continues to say they had nothing to do with Meddling in our Election!"

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